Wild Friends began by happy accident one dreary Sunday at the University of Oregon. The two of us were in our college apartment, scraping the bottom of yet another jar of peanut butter. With no more peanut butter and a surplus of celery, we were faced with a familiar conundrum. However, neither of us wanted to ride a bike out in the pouring rain to buy more.

Luckily, we had a bag of raw peanuts, a brand new food processor, and two squirrelly little minds. It didn’t take long before we had created our first batch of homemade peanut butter. However, as creative chefs, we were not content with leaving our freshly made peanut butter to be just plain or crunchy. So we began adding every conceivable ingredient from our pantry. We sprinkled in cinnamon, raisins, chocolate chips, coffee, coconut...the list went on and on.

After extensive sampling, we decided our product was simply too good to keep to ourselves, so we brought a few jars over to our friends. They loved it, and encouraged us to make a website to sell our tasty creations.

We launched in grocery stores in November 2011, and our company took off! We are constantly adding more stores to our list as we spread our delicious creations across the country. Find a store near you on our map!

We have big dreams for our little company. Check out our Blog, or follow Wild Friends Nut Butter on Facebook or Twitter to see what’s happening next!


My college major was… Journalism

If I weren’t running a nut butter company... I would be a guidebook contributor! I'd travel the world looking for the best food, hotels, hikes, and experiences!

My rainy days are spent... Curled up with a good book on the couch with a hot cup of coffee!

First peanut butter memory... Eating triple-decker peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and banana sandwiches on the weekend with my dad.

I never leave the house without... My Camelbak water bottle - gotta stay hydrated!

Most surprising thing about running a business... Business doesn’t have to be boring - you can do anything you're passionate about.

Favorite flavor of Wild Friends Nut Butter... Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter drizzled into oatmeal or on pancakes!

My college major was... Environmental Studies and Spanish

If I weren’t running a nut butter company... I would be be speaking Spanish, dancing Tango, exploring the Patagonia, and eating lots of amazing Asado (barbecued meat) in Argentina!

My rainy days are spent... Cooking in the kitchen!

My first peanut butter memory... At the daycare I went to as a child, a very typical snack was "Apple Smiles"; 2 apple slices stuck together with peanut butter with mini marshmallows in the middle for the teeth! I used to think Apple Smiles were the coolest things in the world.

I never leave the house without... Shoes that will keep my feet warm, chapstick, my travel mug full of tea, mints, and my phone.

Most surprising thing about running a business... There is no guide book! Even though there are millions of people running businesses around the world, there is no universal set of rules. We control the destiny of our company and have free range to be as innovative and creative as we want. We're paving our own path and it's incredibly exhilarating!

Favorite flavor of Wild Friends Nut Butter... Chocolate Coconut! It's an amazing combination of flavors and its texture is so fudgy. Watch out Nutella!